Perfect Pod Maker
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"The fact is - the thing really works and works well. We had no problem creating our own coffee pods from a variety of coffee blends, and provided we pre-moistened our pods prior to brewing, the home made coffee pods worked well in the Bunn My Cafe and Senseo Supreme single serve coffee brewers. If you need to use your own coffee, or feel like just making some coffee pods, the Perfect Pod Maker is for you."

"Ability to produce a fresh coffee pod immediately before brewing consistently yields a tasty, full-bodied mug of joe. Cheaper than virtually any pre-made pod. Pod making technique is easy—we mastered it in mere minutes."


Customer Testimonials:

William Phillips:
"The Perfect Pod is fantastic. It reall makes great pods for my Senseo, and is VERY easy to use. I highly recommend it."

George Chernisky:
"The pod maker is the best for making youre own coffee pods. You can make them as weak or as strong as you want. It only takes me 15 min. to make 40 pods with different coffees. My wife and I really do enjoy a good cup of coffee, and that's exactly what we get with our own pods."

Joanne Van Sciver:
"The Perfect Pod Maker is a wonderful gadget that I couldn't live without. While researching which pod brewing system to purchase, I read about the Perfect Pod Maker on I am so glad that I decided to go ahead and purchase it. It is worth every cent!! My family and I only drink decaf coffees and this device allows us to enjoy all our favorite coffees. If not for this Pod Maker, I probably would have never purchased a Coffee Pod Machine due to the limited pre-made pods available in decaf. I decided on the Bunn My Cafe coffee maker and am very happy with the machine as well. Every homemade pod has worked perfectly in the machine. The Perfect Pod Maker is so easy to use that even my children love making pods. I also purchased a small pocket digital scale so that all the pods we make have the same amount of coffee in them. In the long run, it is much cheaper to make my own pods from a pound of coffee than to purchase ready-made pods. The cost of the unit pays for itself in no time plus it allows me to use all the specialty flavored coffees that I have!! (There are so many more flavors other than Hazelnut and Vanilla out there, but not in ready-made pods) You will not be disappointed in this Pod Maker. Coffee Giant is great to order from and the items arrive quickly in the mail. I have ordered refill pods a few times already, and each time my order arrived within a few days. I highly recommend the Perfect Pod Maker."

Charles Raymond:
" I recently bought a Senseo coffee maker in January this year. I don't like the price of pods for it ,nor the coffee's available. I just purchased your perfect pod maker and some paper refills.I found it so easy and fast to grind my own Wegman's coffee beans mixed with Starbuck's beans. I put that mix in the pods and sealed them!I made 120 filled and sealed pods in less than an hour, and that includes grinding the beans! I am seldom impressed with purchases that claim to save money! I figure I am saving about 13 cents per cup of coffee,and I have a better cup of coffee! This is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time! I will definitely be a returning customer!"

Teresa Beiser:
"This Pod Maker is awesome. I was really tired of trying to find flavored decaf coffee among the varieties of pods out there and now I can make my own. I can't believe how easy it is to make these in just a few minutes and the coffee is delicious! I usually make the double pod size for my Senseo which is about 3 to 31/2 tsp. of coffee per pod. If you like it stronger, just add more. I LOVE IT!"

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