Perfect Pod Maker
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With Vinnci's new electric gourmet pod maker you can now enjoy any of your favorite coffee roasts and flavors rather than just the few choices that are available for your brand of pod coffee maker!

Your beverage choices will be virtually unlimited as you can blend flavors or vary the strength of your coffee! Makes tea pods as well! No more messy attempts at "do it yourself" pods either. This new machine heat-seals your pod and allows you to make either one pod at a time or several to be ready for future brewing.

EZ-Cup 2.0 For Keurig K350, K450 and K550
Eco-Fill 2.0 for Keurig K350, K450 and K550
EZ-Cup Filters (Compatible with EZ-Cup 2.0)
K2V-Cup for Keurig VUE Machines *Upgraded*
The K2V-Cup is a 2in1 Cup that allows you to use traditional K-cups in your VUE Brewer. It also comes with the Eco-Fill cup that can be placed inside so that you may use your own coffee grounds!
Eco-Fill 4 Pack!
Poly-Flo Technology for a better cup of coffee! Use your own Coffee in your Keurig Machine! BPA FREE! For single serve coffee brewers Eco-Fill is not compatible with the B30, B130, B150, B155, Mr Coffee BVMC-KG5 or Vue For Single Serve Coffee Brewers
Eco-Fill 2 Pack Deluxe!
Upgraded screen and style to make your coffee taste better than before! Use your own Coffee in your Keurig Machine! For single serve coffee brewers